Apple ID Removal / iCloud Activation Removal (South Africa Variants Only)

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Bypass your Apple ID / iCloud Removal / Activation Screen Removal Only Clean IMEI supported. South Africa Variant Only Please Read the description.


  • IMEI number must be 15 digits numeric value. Do not type dot or slash. To find your IMEI Dial *#06# as you do for make a call


    FMI Result*



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Only Below Sold By & FMI Result Supported

Find My iPhone: ON
iCloud Status: Clean
Blacklist Status: Clean
Product Sold by : (Must be South Africa)

You Can get this all information from here :

iCloud Activation Removal Service To Bypass iCloud ID

Apple ID requiredAre you stuck on this message shown left, Mistakenly bought a used iCloud Activation locked iPhone which stuck on this screen? That doesn’t have to be the problem anymore now, as a new service has announced which provide a solution for bypassing iCloud Activation lock and allow you use to device.

iPhone, iPad, iPod users who wants to safely remove icloud activation required warning from their iDevices now can remove it by using this service! This require no special technical skills. Now apple id can be removed & available for anyone and also available for any firmware or baseband. We are offering iCloud activation removal service at low price only involve a simple and hassle-free procedure. This service will be permanently removed the apple id from your iDevice & it support any firmware as well as any baseband.

What is iCloud Activation Removal Service?

It means that by using this service you can remove and bypass this screen permanently. And after this you can set up a new device with a new Apple ID before and the option for Find my iPhone is deactivated. This service only remove it`s activation, will not unlock it`s network

How to Submit iCloud Activation Removal Service To Bypass iCloud ID Order ?

  • Type your IMEI number in IMEI box of order form. and Place the order By paying us through Paypal
  • Then send us the picture of message shown by your iPhone, iPod, iPad directly to

Benfits of Using This Service?

  • Successfully Deactivate The iDevice From The Server
  • Easily use your Apple Id for activation of Find My iPhone in future
  • Permanently Removed The Apple ID from your iDevice
  • If the server reply with rejection. So your full money refunded
  • Best Price in the market


Our unlocking is totally risk free.

  • Once you process the order can`t cancel until server replies
  • Service time may delay sometimes
  • Only working days calculated in service time


After successfully removed your ID we check the status by submitting your imei here If Activation Lock shows ON we refund the money. And if it Shows OFF that means the ID has been removed successfully so we would not refund the money. Please see below screenshots of activation check before and after removal.

Activation Check On

Activation Check Before Submitting imei (On)

Activation Check After Successfully Removal (Off)

Activation Check After Successfully Removal (Off)

This service only supports clean imei, the iPhone must not be reported as stolen or lost. If this is the case do not use this service. please see the picture below:

The pictures with red cross mark not accepted by this service

Also please note that this service do not Unlock the network of iPhone (so it can accept any SIM Card from any carrier worldwide), this service is only to ByPass Activation Lock so you can use the phone with the Original SIM Card (or all if the phone is Unlocked)

Supported iDevices:

This service supports all iDevices till date including iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, all iPad & iPod models

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