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Get factory unlock code for your Any Alcatel cell phone/ smart phone with the fastest, cheapest & most reliable Canadian unlocking services. You can order here if your alcatel product is not listed And please mention your network and model! Please see below for supported models


  • IMEI number must be 15 digits numeric value. Do not type dot or slash. To find your IMEI Dial *#06# as you do for make a call



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Alcatel Unlock Code

Alcatel users who want to safely unlock their Alcatel phones now can unlock it for a wide range of possibilities! Alcatel Unlocking services have become legal and require no special technical skills. Now Alcatel unlock code can be availed by anyone. We are offering Alcatel unlock code at low price only involve a simple and hassle-free procedure. Our Factory Unlock Code of Alcatel will be permanently unlocked your cell phone.

What is Alcatel unlock code?

It means that by this you can unlock any Alcatel for any network worldwide.

Why unlock a Alcatel ?

Unlocking a Alcatel phone makes it usable with all GSM networks all over the world. All Alcatel phones can be unlocked permanently in efficient and secure ways that do not cause any harm to your Alcatel . Unlocking a phone gives users, the flexibility to use it with any SIM Card under any Service Provider in any part of the world.

How to Submit Alcatel Unlock Code Order ?

  • Type your IMEI number in IMEI boICON of order form.

Find Alcatel IMEI by dialing *#06#.

How to Unlock Alcatel after getting my Unlock Code?

  • Insert non accepted (any other than original) SIM card
  • You will be prompted to enter Unlock code
  • Enter Unlock code received.

Benfits of Unlocking Alcatel ?

  • Save money of roaming.
  • More network Options.
  • Use the network of your choice.
  • Unlocked phones are more valuable. So increase it resale value.

What are risks of Unlocking Alcatel ?

Our unlocking is totally risk free.

  • No loss of feature & functionality.
  • No loss of your data.
  • No loss of your contacts, note, gallery or anything saved in the phone.

Unlocking Alcatel is legal?

Yes ofcourse, Unlocking a cell phone/smart phone is 100% legal.

Unlocking instructions of Alcatel ?

  • Insert non accepted (any other than original) SIM card
  • You will be prompted to enter Unlock code
  • Enter Unlock code received.

This Page Supports Following Alcatel Models

ADR3010 Authority, ADR3035 One Touch Premiere, ELLE No 3, ELLE No 31, OT-223 One Touch, OT-282A One Touch Simple, OT-304 One Touch, OT-305 One Touch, OT-305A One Touch, OT-308A One Touch, OT-356 One Touch, OT-5020N One Touch Evolve, OT-5020T One Touch Evolve, OT-5020T One Touch M’Pop, OT-5020W One Touch M’Pop, OT-506A One Touch, OT-600 One Touch, OT-600A One Touch, OT-6012A One Touch Idol Mini, OT-6040 One Touch Idol X, OT-665A One Touch, OT-7024N One Touch Fierce, OT-7024W One Touch Fierce, OT-768 One Touch, OT-800 Tribe, OT-802A, OT-806A One Touch, OT-808, OT-838 One Touch, OT-871 One Touch, OT-880A One Touch XTRA, OT-888, OT-888A One Touch, OT-901S One Touch, OT-908S One Touch, OT-909S One Touch, OT-918A One Touch, OT-918S One Touch, OT-981 Tribe, OT-988 One Touch Shockwave, OT-990S One Touch, OT-991 One Touch, OT-991S, OT-995A One Touch Ultra, OT-995S One Touch Ultra, OT-A382G The Big Easy, OT-A392A OneTouch, OT-C701, OT-E101, OT-E207

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